Wednesday Check In: so many hoops…

Trying to tick off some boxes on my week’s to do list this morning. Unfortunately, each task spawns four more as soon as I begin them. And my little ones are bts in less than 2 weeks!

to do

I have some reviews to write for a few authors from one of my fb groups. What an incredible source of free ebooks. Wow. I asked for freebies in exchange for review and got ten in one afternoon. My kindle’s tbr is full!

Our painting business is busy, busy this time of year. Always lots to do for that enterprise.

Working on the final details to finish off TinseltownTemptress Book 2: Screwing Around. It is almost completely formatted and ARCs will be ready in a couple of weeks. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list for more info there.

TT3: SO is still in 1st revision stages as is Jupiter. So that writing is keeping me pretty busy.

What does your week look like? Read anything great lately?

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